Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fishlake Meadows End of April/Early May.

It seems Fishlake Meadows is the first place in the local area Hobbies go when they get here from Africa. I was very lucky to get pictures on my first visit on the 28th April. Unfortunately on every other visit I missed out! Even if the Hobbies had been reported up to two days before! 15 apparently! It seems Nature photography is a continuous learning curve, photography and the subject! Simple when you think about it, the Hobbies will be there when there food is numerous, which isn't overcast days!
So on my other visits where Greylag Geese and a singing Chiffchaff, not my target species, but much easier to photograph!

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  1. Hi Ed,

    Just found your blog through google. I watch Fishlake regularly and can confirm there were at least 9 Hobbies and quite possibly the reported 15 on early passage which stopped for around a week. Two stayed on longer and may still be about. They were all hunting almost exclusively over a very small and inaccessible pool which made them hard to see (and count!)
    I too struggled with photos, but put some on my blog @