Sunday, 5 September 2010

Kenya Safari 20th - 29th June 2010. Masai Mara

Went on an extra safari today (one that isn't part of the itinerary), seeing as it was the last day before flying home, decided to make the most of my time in Kenya. This was a longer safari, we left late morning just after the early morning safari and back early afternoon, back for the afternoon/late evening one.
Which meant we could travel further, first a group of vultures, which contained a Lappet Faced Vulture, after much searching we (the guide) found a large pack of lions all asleep under a large tree and obscured by long grass, occasionally a pair of eyes would peer out.
Further up I could make out a Raptor in a tree, which turned out to be a Verreaux's Eagle Owl and a bit later 3 Lions walking down the track towards us.

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