Sunday, 8 January 2012

Vancouver Island, Canada, 19th-28th September 2011.

This trip was to see/ photograph Bald Eagles and Bears. Flying into Vancouver itself and then the long coach (including ferry journey) to Tofino, Vancouver Island. Unfortunately, Vancouver Island being temperate rain forest is one of the wettest places on earth! Maybe not ideal for a photography trip. It rained on the Tuesday night, just before we got to Tofino and the sun didn't show itself until Sunday morning. Even in the rain, it was a scenic place, so each morning involved putting waterproof coat and trousers to leave the accommodation.
On the second day in Tofino walking along the main street to town noticed an unusual shape at the top of a tree, which turned out to be a soggy Bald Eagle, didn't have to go very far!
This was to be the best Eagle view of the trip, later on that day went on the "Bear boat trip" took a bit of searching through the river outlets surrounded by mountains, but at low tide the Black Bears go onto the little bit of exposed shore to turn rocks over looking for crabs. Saw quite a few Seal too.

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