Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kenya Safari 20th - 29th June. Samburu Nature Reserve

I approached this trip differently to other trips, usually I would have target species to photograph and would do a lot of research before we left, on this trip I decided to go with the flow and leave it all to chance, although I did mention to John our driver and guide that as well as the mammals, I liked Birds of Prey and if he wouldn't mind being on the lookout just in case! Apart from the Eagle, all the pictures were taken on the first afternoon's safari.
The next day was lucky for me on the very early morning safari I got lucky and I was met with a new phenomenon perched Raptors in Kenya are not quick to take flight, they almost pose! The Safari minibus parked right below a tall bush and sat in it was a Brown Snake Eagle, unfortunately the sun was right behind it though!

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