Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Gibraltar Strait, September 15th -22nd 2010.

I was sat taking a break from trying to photograph the constant stream of Raptors flying over head, in the distance a Sparrowhawk was flying fast and low over the barren hillside, it seemed to be flying in my direction, so I picked up my camera and tracked it, eventually the Sparrowhawk flew so close I thought it would bump into the lens, just flying up at the last minute! The Raptor passage was still full flow, managed to get one last Booted Eagle picture and a bit later a whole flock of White Stork, that seemed to prepare to cross the strait once or twice, eventually getting half way across and then returned back again!

The Gibraltar Strait is definitely a place I have vowed to return to, to witness and try and photograph the amazing spectacle again.

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