Saturday, 17 September 2011

Isle of Mull June 23rd-30th June 2011.

Not sure how many people begin their holiday plans by typing "best place to photograph White Tailed eagle" into google search. The choice was a fishing boat on the Isle of Skye, a bigger boat in Norway or another fishing boat on the Isle of Mull, I think it was the little You Tube clip on the Isle of Mull website that did it. On the first day on the Isle of Mull we pretty much drove the whole of the island, probably missing some of the best places. The next day was the Mull Charters boat trip up Loch Na Keal, the day was a bit over cast and windy, the Eagle when it did come did a few circles of the boat first before deciding wether or not to dive down and pick up the fish off the top of the water that was thrown from the boat...

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