Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cape May Point September 29th 2009. Part 1.

Last day of the holiday (except the long journey home) the weather did not look good to start, but having already had a great holiday, my objective for today was to get pictures of the Vultures that sit on the house on the way to the point, although was not sure if they are young Turkey or Black Vultures or both! After getting the shots noticed a different looking Vulture perched on a roadside post, which definitely looks good for American Black Vulture. With my day's objective more than met, whatever I encounted at the point would be a bonus. But today at the point turned out good for Raptor Migration, winds were very light. Ospreys in abundance, Peregrines flying past at speed, American Kestrel, Sharp Shinned Hawk (never close enough for a decent photo!), Cooper's Hawk (same!) Bald Eagles (Distant, but amazing to see). In fact so good I will have to split the days photos and words into two blogs!

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