Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cape May Point September 29th 2009. Part 2.

When this mornings migration rush had slowed, (see words and pictures from last blog) usually just after midday, we thought we would have a short walk around the reserve, the first thing we came across was a tagged (or banded) Monarch Butterfly, pack at the point, whilst everyone was looking skywards for Raptors a Great Egret literally walked right in front of us. Then just before we completed our short lap, a small falcon landed very near by - a Merlin, it allowed me to get a few shots, before flying off. When I checked my photo, I also saw that it had caught lunch, an unlucky Dragonfly was in its talons, it was looking for a quiet place to eat lunch, instead there was a guy wielding a big camera, so the Merlin had lunch on the wing like a Eurasian Hobby would. We had seen a few Merlins at the point, flying extremely fast, sometimes skimming the heads of people on the viewing platform, which drew a gasp! As well as counting and pointing out Migrating Raptors, volunteers would also educate, my favourite quote was about prey designing the predator; "Vultures fly very lazily because what they are looking for is already dead, whilst the Merlin flies like its just been shot out of a canon". Back at the Point again, migration had finished its busiest time, but some Raptors were still coming past, even more Ospreys, they had become common! We had to leave to return our hire bikes, as we got back to the road, I heard what sounded like Geese about to fly past, instead a family of Bald Eagles flew over the road, too quick for me to get a photo, the photo opportunity that got away, good reason to come back again to America to try again!

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