Friday, 23 October 2009

USA Holiday, Cape May, September 28th 2009

Not a good day for Raptor Migration, sunny day, but very windy and in the wrong direction! So I did what I would usually do if I'm struggling to find Raptors but in the mood to take pictures, turn my attention to whatever else interesting is around. Did a lap of the reserve after realising it was not going to be good conditions for Raptors. On my three recent sightseeing/raptor photography trips abroad, my mum has become my new (and quite willing!)
travel companion. Mum seemed particularly taken with the constant sprinkling of Monarch Butterflies, themselves migrating to Mexico from Canada. On our lap round the reserve also saw Forster's Tern, Pied Billed Grebe and a very fast Green Heron. On an unsuccessful detour somewhere else on our hired bikes (6 miles in very warm weather!) did manage a pleasing shot of another Turkey Vulture.

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