Sunday, 12 July 2009

Andalucia Holiday 10th -15th June 2009

In the afternoon on June 13th after a bit of local sightseeing I wanted at some point to try and photograph Lesser Kestrel at Vajeer De la Frontera as I noticed them a few nights before when we went to a restuarant there. I noticed they had nest holes in a building just above the roadside I tried to time the shot just as they were flying out, but I could never time it right! The Lesser Kestrels spent most of their time on the wing catching insects. The next day we went to Tangier, Morocco, then the next day it was time to leave and too early to have anymore camera time, but I did quickly photograph a Crested Lark (I think thats what it is) at a service station car park near Marbella, then after getting lost one last time, we made our flight just in time, overall a busy, but enjoyable holiday!

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