Sunday, 26 July 2009

Martin Down, June 25th 2009

I have not been to Martin Down for 3 years, I could not help noticing how similar this place is to were I stayed last year in Bovaria, Germany, hills with different coloured fields and something else both places had in common - Yellowhammers!
Just after I left, I got down the road and noticed a Buzzard perched directly above me, so I poked the camera through the sunroof of the car, definately an unusual view, if I had to title the picture it would be "Buzzard's backside", the Buzzard does not look too happy with the angle, maybe it should co-operate more when I'm taking photos!
Early in July, I was lucky enough to be at Christchurch Priory just as a family of Kestrels were fledging.

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