Sunday, 12 July 2009

Andalucia Holiday 10th -15th June 2009

June 13th 2009.

After the excitement of the night before, it became apparent the most action occured at the coolest times of the day and after a tip off from Stephen that the morning was a good time, off we set for La Janda again. As soon as we were in the main area Black Kite became apparent, a Marsh Harrier, whilst looking similar, identified itself by its series of low glides, and then when we reached the sparsely wooded hillside at the centre of the action I noticed Jackdaws were harassing a medium sized raptor, it took a while to get a positve I.D, in the UK medium sized raptors are quite easy to seperate,Buzzard was suggested, but I now have it on good authority that it is a Dark Variation Booted Eagle.

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