Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Peregrines at Chichester Cathedral

I had booked a day off work for something important that got cancelled last minute, best thing to do in this situation I thought is go out with the camera!
I had to choose between a couple of different places and in the end decieded to go to Chichester Cathedral, were there was an RSPB "Date with nature" event. To be honest I was expecting to get a static bird on a (an iconic) building, instead the whole Peregrine family treated me to an amazing flying display, the young Peregrines testing their skills, on each other mostly.
The RSPB staff there were very knowledgable and helpful.
All this took place in the cathedral court yard, timed this visit just right, felt privelleged to watch this, will visit same time next year!

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  1. I love the first photo in this set. Something about the way the wings are positioned almost makes it sculptural. Great pictures!